Table 4: Average Taxi Times (minutes) by Hub Size in 2007

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  Average minutes % of
total operations
Taxi-Out Taxi-In
Large Hub 18.5 7.8 58.8
Medium Hub 13.4 5.3 18.1
Small Hub 12.7 4.7 9.8
Non-Hub 12.0 4.3 13.3
All flights 16.7 6.9 100.0

NOTES: Taxi-out (taxi-in) times are based on the departures from (arrivals at) airports with the given hub size. Operations include both departures and arrivals and are based on T100 Segment data.

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Transportation, Research and Innovative Technology Administration, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Airline On-Time Performance Database and T100 Domestic and International Segment Databases.

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