Section 1: Introduction

In this study, there is an estimation of multifactor productivity and an assessment of changes in multifactor productivity (MFP) in the U.S. truck transportation sub-sector during the 1987-2003 period. The analysis is composed of four sections besides the Introduction (Section I). Section II contains a description of the structure and evolution of the trucking industry, in the U.S., over the period of analysis. In Section III, there is estimation of multifactor productivity in truck transportation during 1987-2003. This estimation is carried out by two approaches: the basic growth-accounting method and the Tornqvist index. In Section IV, there is a comparison of MFP in trucking with MFP in other transportation subsectors and the U.S. business sector. Section V presents an analysis of the factors that affected changes of MFP in truck transportation over the period of analysis. Finally, the Conclusions (Section VI) present the salient points of the estimation and analysis of MFP in truck transportation.