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Freight Transportation: Global Highlights 2010

Freight Transportation: Global Highlights 2010 Author: Research and Innovative Technology Administration/Bureau of Transportation Statistics
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Publisher: Research and Innovative Technology Administration/Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Publication Date: April 2010
Publication Number: N/A

This report provides a snapshot of freight transportation activity from a global perspective, highlighting physical characteristics and industry output for the U.S. and other leading world economies. The report gives a broad overview of trends in the movement of international freight among the top 25 world economies, measured by 2008 gross domestic product (GDP). It presents recent statistics on freight activity by leading global ocean and air carriers, seaports, and airports engaged in international freight services.

The report also presents an overview of major trends in U.S. international goods trade, as well as trends in U.S. freight and port services. It further examines how U.S. international freight activities compare with those of the world's top economies. The report concludes with a brief discussion of the key factors that are driving change in U.S. and global merchandise trade and freight activities.


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